About Us

Turning Vision into Reality

Joe founded Manor Garden Services in 2013.


My career started working for a large landscaping company whilst studying horticulture. After 3 years of working alongside skilled individuals I gained valuable experience in growing, forestry, landscaping and maintenance.


To further my career and put into practice the skills that I had acquired, I was fortunate enough to become Head Gardener at a prestigious 200 acre estate set in the Oxfordshire countryside.


I always had a vision of creating my own business offering landscaping in a range of gardens and estates. I created Manor Garden Services with the ambition to turn people’s visions into reality. We have built up a great team of diverse and dedicated gardeners and ground staff who are constantly training to develop their skills and techniques which can suit each client’s individual needs all year round.

“I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by people who had a real passion for all things green. I always knew I wanted to work outside amongst nature and took every chance I could to get involved.”

Manor Garden & Estate Services

Garden Design

Whether it’s designing your dream garden or reconfiguring your current space, we’ll help you realise your perfect garden.

Lawn Care

Our specialist lawn service will ensure the maintenance and care of your lawn, whatever the size, so it can thrive and flourish.


Whether planting from an existing design, restoring a lost gem or planting signature trees to complement your landscape.