At Manor Garden & Estate Services our experienced gardeners offer a complete range of gardening services to business and residential properties in Oxfordshire. Whether it’s lawn mowing, garden designing, landscaping or pruning our expert team are here to help. Regular or one off call, we can tailor your exact requirements.

Garden Design

Whether it’s designing your dream garden or reconfiguring your current space, we’ll help you realise your perfect garden.

Lawn Care

Our specialist lawn service will ensure the maintenance and care of your lawn, whatever the size, so it can thrive and flourish.


Whether planting from an existing design, restoring a lost gem or planting signature trees to complement your landscape.


Our pruning techniques are well practised to promote flower or fruit growth and establish a plant that’s free of pest and diseases.


Our commercial landscaping team look after and maintain a number of business parks, care homes and public spaces.


Whatever your environmental needs our team of hedge-layers and machine drivers have worked on a number of properties.


An automatic irrigation system can be a great timesaver for you and a lifeline for your garden.

Tree Planting

Our tree planting services mean we can source trees ranging from 20cm sapling planting to 12-metre-tall trees.

Box Blight

It's detrimental to the plant if left untreated and spreads very quickly through the air to surrounding plants.