Soft Landscaping for a Year Round Garden

Whether planting from an existing design, restoring a lost gem or planting signature trees to complement your landscape.


Our team is well versed in specialist pruning techniques to restore even the most overgrown and unloved spaces. Planting and caring for large specimen trees is something we relish. Our maintenance team keep your garden looking in great shape all year round and are able to work on new projects from day one to fully understand the design and build of your garden going forward.

For Landscaping & Maintenance Call: 01869 337 317

Learn more about our Landscaping Services.

Manor Garden & Estate Services


Our pruning techniques are well practised to promote flower or fruit growth and establish a plant that’s free of pest and diseases.

Tree Planting

Our tree planting services mean we can source trees ranging from 20cm sapling planting to 12-metre-tall trees.

Lawn Care

Our specialist lawn service will ensure the maintenance and care of your lawn, whatever the size, so it can thrive and flourish.