Tree Planting

Ensuring your Trees Grow Strong and Healthy

We have a wealth of experience planting large specimen trees of up to 12 metres tall.


We have seen a growing demand for planting larger trees. Our tree planting services mean we can source trees ranging from 20cm sapling planting to 12-metre-tall trees. Our specialist underground root ball anchoring and irrigation system ensures your trees look natural in their new position and can continue to grow at a strong and healthy rate.


See our gallery to see some of our tree planting work.

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Manor Garden & Estate Services


Our commercial landscaping team look after and maintain a number of business parks, care homes and public spaces.


Our pruning techniques are well practised to promote flower or fruit growth and establish a plant that’s free of pest and diseases.

Box Blight

It's detrimental to the plant if left untreated and spreads very quickly through the air to surrounding plants.